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#Only Natural Organic products for our four-legged friends

What are the benefits of natural organic products on our pets?

Effective skin and coat care

Instead of sulfates and silicones that strip the natural oils from the coat, we can use gentle cleansing shampoos, conditioners e.t.c derived from natural essential oils such as coconut oil, lavender and rosemary, aloe vera and more.

No long-term side effects

The use of natural organic ingredients help to avoid health conditions such as allergies, cancer, or hormonal imbalances that are caused by products that are based on chemicals, and preservatives.

Improve Immunity

Just like in humans, our pet's skin plays a huge role in immunity, creating a natural barrier to viruses and diseases.

Cruelty Free

Our love for pets makes us even more scared to think of animals that may have been subjected to chemical testing during the production of pet shampoos, conditioners and other products.


Avoiding products with potentially harmful ingredients reassures that we are not rinsing toxic residue down the drain every time we bathe our pet or use another chemical based product.

Here at Healthy Happier Paws we try to choose the best and most effective all-natural products free from harmful chemicals, to offer our pets all the love and care they can get

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