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Is my dog fit or fat?

We love our dogs, no matter what, so a few extra pounds make no matter to us. But for your dog to live a healthy, active life, their weight is important. In honor of National Pet Obesity Awareness Day on October 12, let’s use this opportunity to check our dog’s weight to make informed choices for our pups.

For education purposes, ask yourself these 5 questions to help you determine if your dog is fit or fat:

1. How often does your dog exercise?

a. When they spend time outside for bathroom breaks

b. A 30-minute outdoor walk

c. An hour walk, plus fetch the ball for playtime

2. How many days a week do you take a walk with your dog?

a. 0-1 day a week

b. 2-3 days a week

c. 4-7 days a week

3. How much food do you feed your dog daily?

a. I don’t really know.

b. I fill the bowl twice a day and he eats when he wants.

c. I give my dog the amount of food indicated on the product according to my dog’s age and weight.

4. When you go to the kitchen to eat, do you give your dog a treat too?

a. Yes, every time

b. Yes, 2-4 times a day

c. Yes, their treats are healthy, all-natural and scheduled

5. How much is your dog sleeping? a. Pretty much all day b. About 50% of the day, or 12 hours c. Less than 50% of the day, or less than 12 hours

  • If you answered mostly As: Let’s Go! There is room for improvement. Your dog may be overweight. Set a goal and tackle it!

  • If you answered mostly Bs: Keep it up! You are on average with other pet parents in following the guidelines. Your dog may be fit, or it may be fat. Commit to a regular routine!

  • If you answered mostly Cs: You are a rock star! It’s a good guess that your dog is fit! Seek joy and continue to prioritize healthy ways!

Your dog needs three things to stay healthy:

Healthy Diet


Adequate sleep

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